Mixed Promotions

(Don’s First Blog Entry)

First of all, thanks for reading this. I’m saying that now, because if I said it at the end, you might never see it.

I’m calling this one “Mixed Promotions” because we’re advertising guys. It’s our point of differentiation (a pure ad-lingo point right off the bat). Does it matter? Only if what you’re doing involves selling something, and you think it might help if the sound people are dialed into that. We think it’s important, but we admit that’s because it’s what we’ve got.

Of course, “Mixed Promotions” also plays off “mixed emotions,” because we think emotions are what separate good advertising from crap. (Not that we won’t do crap; money’s money.) So if you like to get emotional, that makes us happy—our emotion of preference. Or If you like calling your work “content,” we’re good with feeling content. Which brings me to the ad industry’s favorite expression:

“Passionate storytellers.”

These days, you can’t read an agency pitch or website (now including this one) that doesn’t contain that phrase. Fine: if you were passionately in love, watched a passion play, and then committed a crime of passion…we’re twice as passionate as that. Now imagine an ancient tribe at the dawn of time, sitting around a campfire. The elders are telling stories, their faces orange in the light of glowing coals. That’s us—passionate storytellers.

I’m glad we got that settled. Now how about we make some commercials for you?

4 thoughts on “Mixed Promotions
  1. This is the worst thing I ever read. I would never work with Joe Audio if there was someone else as good. You’re damn lucky there isn’t.

  2. Your writing is refreshing.
    New! Improved! Your twists and turns make for a jumbalaya of fun.

    I’m subscribing to your way of seeing things and look forward to hearing more– with my eyes, my ears, my heart and my funny bone.

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